1. Basics of the Cosmic Clock #

  • Diagramming Mastery and Transmutation of Karma: The Cosmic Clock is a spiritual tool used to diagram the mastery of the chakras and the transmutation of karma. It helps individuals understand and manage their spiritual progress and karmic lessons.
  • Charting Daily Initiations: It also charts daily spiritual initiations, helping individuals to recognize and embrace the spiritual tests they encounter each day.

2. Importance of the Cosmic Clock #

  • Anticipating and Passing Spiritual Tests: The Cosmic Clock is crucial for anticipating and navigating through life’s spiritual tests. By understanding the cycles of karma and initiations, individuals can better prepare for and overcome these challenges.
  • Ascension and Spiritual Growth: Mastery of the Cosmic Clock is essential for spiritual ascension, providing a roadmap for personal and spiritual development.

3. Flow of Energy #

  • Origin from the Central Sun: The energy that influences the Cosmic Clock originates from the Central Sun, the spiritual center of the universe.
  • Transmission through Cosmic Hierarchies: This energy is transmitted through various cosmic hierarchies before reaching Earth, stepping down in intensity to be assimilated by earthly beings.
  • Assimilation into Earth’s Atmosphere: Once on Earth, this energy enters the atmosphere and is assimilated into the four lower bodies of the planet, influencing all life forms and their spiritual journeys.

4. Applications and Teachings #

  • Comprehensive Study: The teachings of the Cosmic Clock, as imparted by Mother Mary to Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, are comprehensive and form a crucial part of the spiritual teachings for understanding one’s past and anticipating the future.
  • Book and Lectures: The teachings have been compiled from various lectures given by Mrs. Prophet and are intended to be included in a series of books that provide detailed explanations and diagrams to aid understanding.

5. Cosmic Consciousness and Personal Growth #

  • Awareness of Cosmic Cycles: The Cosmic Clock also enhances one’s cosmic consciousness, helping individuals to align with the cosmic cycles and the Great God Self.
  • Expansion of Solar Faculties: It encourages the expansion of solar faculties, aiding individuals in their spiritual ascension and alignment with higher spiritual planes.

6. Spiritual and Material Universe #

  • Cosmic Egg: The concept of the Cosmic Egg relates to the spiritual-material universe, which includes an endless chain of galaxies and star systems centered around the Great Central Sun. This concept helps in understanding the vastness and interconnectedness of the spiritual and material aspects of the universe.

7. Integration into Daily Life #

  • Practical Application: The science of the Cosmic Clock is not only a theoretical framework but also has practical applications in daily life, helping individuals to manage their spiritual and karmic cycles effectively.
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Updated on May 4, 2024