Basics of the Cosmic Clock

The Cosmic Clock, as taught by the Ascended Masters through the teachings of Mother Mary to Mark and Elizabeth Prophet, is a profound spiritual tool for understanding the cycles of karma and personal initiations. Here’s a simple overview of the basics of the Cosmic Clock from the Ascended Master’s perspective, its importance, and the flow of energy:

Basics of the Cosmic Clock #

  • Twelve Lines of the Clock: The Cosmic Clock has twelve principal divisions, each corresponding to one of the twelve solar hierarchies of the Great Central Sun. These divisions represent different aspects of God’s consciousness.
  • Diagramming Mastery: The clock is used to diagram the mastery of the chakras and the transmutation of karma.
  • Daily Initiations: It charts the daily spiritual initiations that individuals undergo.

Importance of Understanding the Cosmic Clock #

  • Anticipating Karma: By understanding the Cosmic Clock, individuals can predict and prepare for the karma that will come to them, allowing for spiritual growth and the avoidance of negative cycles.
  • Spiritual Tests: The science of the law of cycles helps in anticipating and passing the spiritual tests that life presents, which is crucial for spiritual advancement.
  • Ascension: Mastery of the Cosmic Clock is essential for the ascension process, as it involves understanding and aligning with the divine timing of the universe.

Flow of Energy #

  • From the Central Sun: The energy that governs the Cosmic Clock originates from the Central Sun, the spiritual center of the universe.
  • Step-Down Process: This energy is stepped down through various cosmic hierarchies before it reaches Earth.
  • Assimilation on Earth: Once on Earth, this energy enters the atmosphere and is assimilated into the four lower bodies of the planet, influencing all life.

Conclusion #

Understanding and utilizing the Cosmic Clock allows individuals to align with the divine flow of energy and the cosmic laws, facilitating personal and spiritual development. It is a tool for achieving harmony with the universe’s natural rhythms, leading to a more fulfilled and spiritually aligned life.

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Updated on May 4, 2024