Welcome to the pivotal moments of the cosmic calendar! As we journey through the year, there are specific times that hold profound spiritual significance and opportunities for growth. These moments are not just markers of seasonal change but are deeply embedded in the teachings of the ascended masters and the cosmic clock. Understanding these key periods—Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Autumn Equinox, the monthly change of the Sun sign for the planet, and the crucial six-week cycle at the end of the year—can greatly enhance your spiritual journey. This guide is designed to prepare you for these times, ensuring you are fully aware and able to engage with the spiritual tests and opportunities they present.


Spring equinox joins the fall equinox and the solstices in making up the four cardinal points of the year. It carries great spiritual significance and import for those following the teachings of the ascended masters and the cosmic clock. When this day arrives we’ll let you know and provide you with information on the meaning of this day.


The day of summer solstice as well as the six weeks prior is the time of spiritual finals for everyone on earth. If we are alert and mindful that we are being tested, we are much more likely to pass those spiritual exams and make great spiritual progress. We’ll give you a heads up on the day of summer solstice as well as six weeks ahead of time so you can stay alert and anticipate your exams.


The autumn equinox stands on the opposite side of the year from the spring equinox and carries equally significant spiritual significance for ascended master students and those applying the cosmic clock in their lives. When that day comes we’ll notify you and provide you with information on the meaning of this day.


Winter solstice is the shortest and darkest day of the year, as well as the time when there is a greatest release of light from the Great Central Sun. Of interest to us is that it is the second time of year when spiritual finals occur. As with summer solstice testing, we’ll give you a heads up on the day of winter solstice as well as six weeks ahead of time.


Just like you personally move from one line to the next each month, so does the planet. This is important to be aware of because we are tested not only on the line of the clock that we personally are on but also on the line that the planet is on. The energies of both lines have an effect upon us at the same time. This is a second open door of blessings and opportunity for the transmutation of unresolved energies that are now accessible. We will let you know when the planet enters this new cycle every month so you can maximize on this opportunity.


The start of the six week cycle before the year of the year is most important to keep in mind because this is the time when we get the opportunity to the transmute or pass any failed test that we may have fallen short throughout the year. Now you’ll be reminded of this important and timely cycle.


As we close this guide, remember that each of these significant times offers a unique opportunity to advance spiritually and align more closely with cosmic rhythms. By staying informed about when these periods occur, you can prepare to make the most of the energies available. Whether it’s passing your spiritual finals during the solstices, harnessing the balanced energies of the equinoxes, or making pivotal shifts during the monthly Sun sign changes and the end-of-year six-week cycle, each moment is a stepping stone on your path of spiritual ascension. Keep this guide handy, and let it serve as a beacon throughout your year, illuminating your journey with the light of cosmic wisdom.

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Updated on May 4, 2024