Navigation Menu Overview

Here we will review the different parts of the navigation menu you will discover once you gain access to the My Cosmic Clock App.

  • Dashboard

    The dashboard is where you will be able to view where on the Cosmic Clock you currently are for the year and month. As while as everything associated with each line of the clock from the master of that line to the music that ties into that line.
  • Cycle Details

    The Cycle details is the location where you would be able to update the information you entered into the birthday details as well as your birth and current timezones.
  • Notification Settings

    The Notifications Settings area is where you will have the option to select which notification messages you would like to receive.

    Here you will have the option to select from enabling / disabling personal message related to your personal walk around the Cosmic Clock.

    Also you will have the option to enabling / disabling the planetary messages which relates to the Earth Cosmic Clock cycles.

    The application currently only supports email messaging but as the application grows we will be looking into SMS message and other types of messaging options.
  • Profile

    The Profile area is where you will be able to update anything related to your account such as name, password, profile image and the like.
  • Downloads

    The Downloads section is where you will be able to download your very own personally customized prayer sheet based on where you are on your walk on the Cosmic Clock for the year and month.

    The personalized prayer sheet is created for you every one when you switch lines for the month.
  • Logout

    You guess it, this is how you log out of the application =)
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Updated on April 28, 2024